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http://ohioblogging.com/?p=547 The Ohio Caverns is a popular tourist attraction Ohio near West Liberty. It is basically a show cave and is the biggest of all the other cave systems in Ohio. This is one of the most beautiful and magnificent cave in Ohio, full of crystal-white stalactite and stalagmite formations. It is hard to divert your attention from such a magnificent formation. Photography is welcome to capture the memories.

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This cave system was originally a geological formation, but now the river is unseen because the river drew back to lower levels of ground. Ohio Caverns is listed in Paride Magazine as one of the top six caves in America.

Ohio caverns Location

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Ohio Caverns is located in Champaign County in Ohio. This show cave is located 30 miles away from Dayton near West Liberty in Salem Township, Ohio in United States.

Ohio caverns Picture

Ohio caverns

Ohio caverns Direction

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There are many ways accessible to reach the caverns. If you are coming from Dayton, take 1-70 East to US 68 North. Now take US 68 North to State Route 507 East and you will reach the caverns entrance gate.

From Columbus it will hardly take one hour to reach the caverns. From Cincinnati it will take two hours and from Cleveland it will take 3 hours. Follow the signboards to reach the caverns.

Ohio caverns History

It was in the year 1897 that the burrow system referred today as Ohio caverns was discovered or founded. This tunnel system was founded by Robert Noffsinger who worked on that land since a long time. It was suddenly after a heavy rainfall that Robert detected a sinkhole in the woods and started investigating. Robert started digging until and unless he stroked the acme of the ground’s limestone layer. Noffsinger was the first person to enter the caverns.

Gradually the caverns came into notice and excavation work started. It took some time to eradicate the mud left in the tunnel. Four new chokes were drudged, one of which comprised of an elevator. The elevator was also filled with rocks. One of the exits was closed enduringly with a blunt rock wall and a planted tree. After that a belittled enamors building was constructed and on the other hand, a separate flight of 60 concrete stairs was also built. It took a long time to make the cave look like a cavern. Lot of hard work and efforts are responsible for making the cavern a popular tourist spot.

Ohio Caverns Historical Tour and Attractions

The historical tour is offered to those in groups. It takes one

and a half hour to complete the tour. The cavern is filled with many attractions for the visitors and the tours take the visitors out of the original entrance.

The Crystal Sea and Natural Bridge

This is an artificial water retention pool boasting extra water out of the walkway. Only 1 inch deep, this pool is deduced from the contemplation of the ceiling seeable in the water. The well known Crystal Sea is close to the mud ledge higher up the pathway called the natural bridge. This natural bridge holds 10-20 crystal columns adding natural charm to the cave’s interior.

The Crystal King and Deepest Point

This is the largest free hanging stalactite in ohio.The crystal king weighs over 400 pounds and is over 200,000 years old. The crystal king and the fantasy land are ahead of the coat than any other point in the cave. The designated deepest point is 103 feet underground.

The Big Room and the Good Luck Crystal

The Big Room is the biggest of all the rooms in the cave covering 5 acres of land. The room comprises of hundreds of formations, tallest column measuring 5 ft and one of the newest column. Planning is going on to build the next column and is predicted to be established by the next century. The good luck crystal was touched for having good luck by almost everyone who visits the caverns. But now it has been stopped because of some problems. A no-touching rule has been enforced for the betterment of the cave.

Fantasy Land and the Old Town Pump

The fantasy land in the cave holds soda straws and helictites. This place is named so because of many cited formations in the room. One of the formations to talk about is The Old Town Pump that correspond a hand pump. The crystal King is also in the Fantasy land.

Images of Ohio caverns

Ohio caverns Image

The Palace of the Gods and Dual Formations

This is the most snapped room in the cave because of its plethoras of formations and colors. You will come across each and every single type of geological formation in this particular cave that includes manganese dioxide formations, calcite formations, flowstone, sodastraws, as well as helictites. Ohio cavern is the only cavern having dual formations.

The Jewel Room

It is because of this jewel room that the Ohio cavern was nicknamed as America’s most colorful cavern. The jewel room is the last room in the caverns and is full of surprising elements.

Ohio Cavern Environment

The environment is quite pleasurable and the temperature of the caverns remains a constant 54 degree F throughout the year. The air inside the cave is refreshing. The tour route will allow you enjoy the natural beauty of the cavern as well as its surroundings.

Ohio Caverns Accommodations

Though there are many hotels located nearby the caverns but not all of them will serve your purpose. Some of the best and finest hotels nearby Ohio Caverns that will make your stay comfortable as well as unforgettable are

  • Sheraton Suites Columbus
  • Hyatt Regency Columbus
  • The Lofts Hotel
  • Hilton Columbus
  • The Westin Columbus
  • Dayton Inn South
  • The western Cincinnati

If you want you can book these hotels in advance.

Pictures of Ohio caverns

Ohio caverns Picture

Ohio caverns other amenities

Other amenities mainly include the comfort and recreation provided by the park located nearby the cavern. The park is comprised of a shelter house and picnic tables. Apart from the park, there is also a souvenir and gift shop located within the entrance building. You will definitely feel awesome visiting this shop. Staffs are there at your service.

Ohio caverns Admission fee

Discounts in rates are offered to groups comprising of 20 members or more with 2 week advance reservations. Deposit is required to guarantee a reservation. The group rate is like this

Adults – $13.50

Child Admissions (age 4-12) – $8.00

For more information regarding the admission fee, pay a visit to the cave’s website.

Visit Ohio with your friends and family to explore the scenic beauty of Ohio. One will never feel tiresome exploring this beautiful city full of magnificent attractions and tourist spots.

Contact Details


Ohio Caverns

2210 East State Route 245, West Liberty, Ohio 43357

Phone No






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Good Places to Gamble in Ohio http://ohioblogging.com/2013/03/20/good-places-to-gamble-in-ohio/ http://ohioblogging.com/2013/03/20/good-places-to-gamble-in-ohio/#comments Wed, 20 Mar 2013 07:31:08 +0000 http://ohioblogging.com/?p=594 When you think of Ohio you might think of them more as the great potato state than anything else. However in recent times they have changed around their laws on gambling so that casinos can open in the state. It wasn’t until last year that these casinos started to open but they have proven to be a success as big as some online casinos like http://www.luckynuggetcasino.com for both the locals and tourists alike.

Where better to start than in the Ohio capital itself, Columbus is home to the beautiful Hollywood Casino. It was only opened in October of last year and since then has generated a number of great reviews for its fantastic looks and great service. It offers everything you could ever want from a casino including table games and slot machines as well as an area for you to comfortably do all of your sports betting also. The staff are friendly and welcoming and offer many services including valet parking. The casino also has a great restaurant called the Final Cut Steakhouse that will offer you the best in quality food.

This is not the only casino in Ohio however, since the laws were changed many different places have opened up including the Horseshoe casino in Cincinnati that only opened up this March. However something that is very interesting is the amount of racetracks that have decided to add on the ability to gamble on races and now slot machines. It seems that they see big money to be had as this is feeling that is shared across the whole state.

So if it is the wonderful countryside that brings you to Ohio or the big cities be sure that you stop by and check out one of the many new casinos available for your enjoyment. You are sure to not be disappointed.

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Greater Columbus Convention Center http://ohioblogging.com/2012/05/19/greater-columbus-convention-center/ http://ohioblogging.com/2012/05/19/greater-columbus-convention-center/#comments Sat, 19 May 2012 13:01:49 +0000 http://ohioblogging.com/?p=500 Greater Columbus Convention Center is a unique facility based in downtown Columbus, offering thousand square ft of area for hosting expositions, meetings and host of eclectic events. The building is a mark of excellent architectural workmanship, designed by Peter Eisenman, an eminent architect. All the meeting rooms and halls have been endowed with modern furnishing, cutting edge technology and superior interior designing to please the senses of the visitors.

Greater Columbus Convention Center Picture Picture 1 - Greater Columbus Convention Center

Greater Columbus Convention Center History

This Convention Center was constructed in the year 1993 but in a smaller format which was soon taken up for expansion after an overwhelming response from visitors and organizers of events.

In the year 2001, doors of this massively expanded and renovated convention center was opened to the visitors. It also contains the Battelle Hall, which was incorporated as the Ohio Center in the year1980 to host exhibitions and other events. Situated amidst modernity, the structure displays certain architectural characteristics from the olden days, reminding of the Union Station.

Greater Columbus Convention Center Area

Greater Columbus Convention Center offers an area above 1.7 million square feet, for hosting events. All the levels have massive meeting rooms and event halls, packed with myriad services and amenities.

Greater Columbus Convention Center Directions

By availing the I-670 West, you can reach the Greater Columbus Convention Center from the Port Columbus Airport. If you are coming from north, I-71 South has to be taken and I-70 East, when coming from the east.

Greater Columbus Convention Center Facilities

This center is suited to host small as well as large events, accommodating thousands of guests. Sprawling ballroom, meeting halls and events spaces accommodated within the periphery of the building are spread over a huge area encompassing various levels.

Main floor of the building is around 50,000 square feet big and the mezzanine level is almost 24,000 square feet in area. Battelle Grand, the multipurpose ballroom prides in being Ohio’s biggest ballroom with multiple configurations. This room overlooks downtown Columbus and comprises ever latest gadget and furnishing, for hosting any high profile event.

Images of Greater Columbus Convention Center Picture 2 - Greater Columbus Convention Center Images

On the first level of the GCCC, spread over the enormous area, are the exhibit halls, grand ballrooms, shops and food court. Terrace Ballrooms and Executive Board Rooms are contained on the second level. The third and 4th level comprises the massive Battelle Grand and Battelle Grand Mezzanine.

Within the building premises, there are plenty of dining and shopping options of which the guests can benefit. It has a Food Court that churns out an assortment of snacks and fast food items in a jiffy.Squeeze out time from your hectic schedule to take home gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones from the shops located here. From jewelries, specialty gifts, souvenirs to greeting cards, you can take your pick while shopping at the gift shops.

Greater Columbus Convention Center Events

A host of annual events keep happening at this venue. From sports festivals, game fairs to car shows, this convention Center’s well laid plan and infrastructure helps in the conduction of a number of events attracting a huge footfall.

Greater Columbus Convention Center Hotels

This convention center is one of the prestigious facilities in Columbus, conveniently located amidst luxurious and affordable hotels. Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau offers information about hotel booking, sightseeing and transportation for free.

Greater Columbus Convention Center Hotel Image Picture 3 - Greater Columbus Convention Center Hotel

Courtyard by Marriott Columbus-Downtown, Crowne Plaza Hotel Columbus Downtown, Arena District Hyatt Regency and Hampton Inn & Suites-Columbus are some of the posh and elegant accommodation facilities around this elite convention center. These are well equipped with state of the art facilities and amenities for a comfortable stay. Most of the hotels are within walking distance and they ensure complete satisfaction of the guests.

Greater Columbus Convention Center Nearby Attractions

The convention center is centrally located in the city which makes it accessible from all the exciting entertainment and cultural avenues existing in the city. All these options are just a walk away from the convention center. Even if you are coming for a business or private occasion, you can indulge in some light moments in one of these places. Watch your favorite team play at the sports events or taste the local delicacies while touring the nearby areas.

Nearby shopping and entertainment district comprise Arena District, Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Park Street Tavern, Columbus High Five and Short North Arts District. Some of the best bars, sporting arenas, shopping malls and restaurants in these places will guarantee absolute fun and comfort after a daylong tryst with professional commitments.

89 Fish & Grill, BD’s Mongolian Barbeque, Columbus Fish Market and Deep Wood are some of the eateries that serve fresh cuisines ranging from continental to exotic seafood.

Greater Columbus Convention Center Services

Organizing events are no longer a drag as the Greater Columbus Convention Center provides the option of event organizers who are adept in their domain. Their expertise in the arena of events is unmatched due to their immense experience in aiding you through proper space selection and execution of the event. Sales and event managers will help your work out a plan by which the entire event will be successfully executed without you having to worry about any detail concerning this.

Photos of Greater Columbus Convention Center Picture 4 - Greater Columbus Convention Center Photo

Greater Columbus Convention Center Parking

GCCC has arrangements for parking which can be known about by contacting them directly.

Greater Columbus Convention Center Contact


Greater Columbus Convention Center, 400 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215


(614) 827-2500

1(800) 626-0241

The Greater Columbus Convention Center is a spacious and well built facility that has been constructed for the interest of the visitors. The overall layout is impressive and big enough to confuse visitors, though there are helpful staffs to guide them. It has also embraced eco friendly features to support green and condemn misuse of energy. It has gained immense popularity over the years as a modern venue for programs held by regional, national and international organizations. No wonder, it was awarded the Inner Circle and Prime Site awards for its contribution to the industry.

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Toledo Zoo – Location, Exhibits, History and Events http://ohioblogging.com/2011/07/30/toledo-zoo-location-exhibits-history-and-events/ http://ohioblogging.com/2011/07/30/toledo-zoo-location-exhibits-history-and-events/#comments Sat, 30 Jul 2011 10:48:27 +0000 http://ohioblogging.com/?p=450 The Toledo Zoo situated in Toledo, Ohio is undoubtedly a great zoo and a perfect family destination. This zoo is home to more than 9000 animals of almost 800 different species.

It attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each year. Toledo Zoo is famous for its joyous events and fascinating exhibits that will make you relive the Arctic tundra and the African wilderness.

This zoo has taken part in more than 30 Species Survival Plans to save and protect endangered species. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) as well as World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has accredited the Toledo Zoo.

The Toledo Zoo is an ideal getaway for your family to unwind, allowing nature and wilderness to cast a joyful and memorable impression.

Toledo Zoo Picture

Getting There

Toledo Zoo is situated 4 miles south of downtown Toledo. You will find the zoo on the crossway of OH 25 that falls between South Avenue and Woodsdale Ave/ Harvard Blvd.

As such Toledo Zoo can be reached via US 23 and I-75 for those traveling from the south. Those traveling from the east and west routes, are recommended to take I-80/90. it would be convenient for the ones traveling northbound to take I-75 in order to reach the zoo.

PDF maps with complete directions are available on the official website.

Toledo Zoo History

The Toledo Zoo is known to have quite a bizarre history. This zoo was established in 1900 on the occasion of the arrival of a woodchuck which had been donated to Toledo city.

Up till the year 1982, the ownership and management of the zoo was overseen by the city of Toledo. The plans and vision of transforming the Toledo Zoo into one of the finest and the third biggest zoo of United States continued to remain a vision.

However, from 1982 a series of infrastructural and other new facilities were introduced to the Toledo Zoo, once the management was handed over to the Toledo Zoological Society. In 1988 the popularity and success of one of the exhibits namely the Hippoquarium had fetched the zoo, two giant pandas as a loan from the country of China.

The Giant panda exhibit soon turned out to be a bane and a boon for Toledo Zoo. It had led the zoo to face consequences by the World Wildlife Foundation that had sued the zoo on grounds of panda exhibition in a short term loan. However this lawsuit was soon resolved and the panda exhibition continued. All in all, the controversy only ended up increasing the visitors of the zoo, more than ever before.

In the year 1999 the Association of Zoos and Aquariums presented the Toledo Zoo with the Exhibit Award for Excellence.

Toledo Zoo Image

Toledo Zoo Exhibits

This zoo offers some of the best exhibits for you and your family to enjoy.


The exhibit features underwater viewing of hippopotami. In fact the hippopotami are the first species of its kind belonging to our world.

Visitors cannot afford to miss this one of a kind exhibit which was placed among one of the ten best animal exhibits in the nation, by USA Today. Hippoaquarium takes pride in the fact that a top educational and scientific institution like National Geographic had preferred to feature the exhibit.


This exhibit built on a 12 acre plot has every feel of the African wilderness. Many animals native to the African continent including the Grant’s Zebra, impala, Masai giraffe, East African crowned cranes, Greater Kudu, Nile lechwe, wildebeest, ostrich and many more will be found strolling in the African plains. The 5 acre African Plains is by far the main exhibit that also has imitated termite mounds.

Visitors will love the experience as they find themselves exploring Africa! on the Safari Railway or observation decks.

African Savanna

The zoo tour is considered incomplete for visitors until they try the African Savanna. This ‘naturally landscaped’ exhibit simulates an African safari like feel. The grassland is home to Kori Bustards, cape clawless otters, African bush elephants, white rhinos, meerkats and the legendary white lions of Siegfried and Roy.

Arctic Encounter

Arctic Encounter is one such exhibit that will turn out to be both educational as well as a fascinating experience for families and children alike. The exhibit features underwater and above viewing of animals like seals, polar bears, wolves etc. Gray Wolf exhibit is a sub part of Artic Encounter. Visitors get to view the wolf exhibit from a log cabin.

The exhibit also features two magnificent waterfalls and 7 saltwater streams.

Almost 4000 square feet land and 3000 square feet of salt water have been dedicated as habitat for seals. Similarly over 6000 square feet of land and 1600 square feet of water belong to the polar bear exhibit.


This exhibit boasts of featuring 253 kinds of animal species. Visitors can feast their eyes on a brilliant collection of almost 2800 animals in the Aquarium. The exhibit showcases an array of the most exclusive and beautiful marine life including moon jellies, piranhas, Japanese spider crabs, arapaima, African cichlids, flashlight fish, discus, Giant Pacific Octopus, lake sturgeons and many more. The ‘Living Reef’ exhibit is also a sub part of the Aquarium.


The exhibit has been recognized by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums for ultimate excellence inspite of being built in the zoo’s oldest renovated building. As such the exhibit flaunts its Exhibit Award of Excellence.

The Aviary has a beautiful collection of pretty and exotic birds including Cuban Amazons, green broadbills, sunbitterns, Rhinoceros Hornbills, Cuban Grassquits and many more.

This exhibit is significant for having hatched saddle-billed storks that is quite rare, making Toledo Zoo among the only five zoos in the world to have hatched this particular species of bird.

Kingdom of the Apes

The exhibit features chimpanzees, western lowland gorillas and orangutans strolling in a 0.3 acre Gorilla Meadow.

Museum of Science

The exhibit has been sub divided into two exhibits namely the Amazing Amphibians and The Crawlspace.

The Crawlspace is the ultimate den for bugs with hundreds of bugs like beetles, scorpions, tarantulas etc representing almost 20 species.

Amazing Amphibians features more than 26 species of salamanders, frogs and caecilians.

Tiger Terrace

The exhibit features Amur tigers, Asian sloth bears, White naped Cranes along with African penguins. **A female tiger including her two cubs are a special attraction of Tiger Terrace.

Other popular exhibits of the Toledo Zoo include Bald Eagles, Cheetah Valley, Children’s Zoo, Snow Leopard, Reptile House, Ziems Conservatory, Nature’s Neighborhood and Primate Forest.

Please log onto the official website for more information.

Picture of Toledo Zoo

Toledo Zoo Events

At the Toledo Zoo, there are events to suit every mood and every season. There is spring events, summer events and winter events held at the zoo.

Some of the winter events are enlisted below.

Lights before Christmas

A light before Christmas is a popular annual event showcased by the zoo. The event heightens the Christmas spirit and feel by displaying millions of Christmas lights across the zoo compound. Over 200 animal images, carolers, beautiful ice carvings and model trains of Swanton Area Railroad aptly compliment the ambience. There is Santa too!

Dancing Lights, which is the primary show of the occasion is held near the Cheetah Valley.

Lights before Christmas, begins from November 16 and last up till December 31.


The event is laden with fun activities as well as ‘Cabin Fever Feeds’ theatric and musical performances. Many aesthetic ice carving presentments are also featured in this event.

This annual winter event is loved and frequented by patrons.

Frozentoesen goes on from January to February. Please note that the zoo admission tickets are half priced throughout the course of this event.

Toledo Zoo Hours

The zoo hours are as follows

Labor Day to Memorial Day:

10.00am – 4.00pm

Memorial Day to Labor Day:

10.00am – 5.00pm

Please note that during the months of May and September the zoo will be open from:


10.00am – 4.00pm


10.00am – 5.00pm

Toledo Zoo is closed only on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Toledo Zoo Admissions

Ticket rates at the zoo are as follows.

Adults: $11.00

Seniors (60 years and above): $8.00

Children (between 2 – 11 yrs of age): $8.00

Children 2 yrs old and below: Free

Zoo Members: Free

Please note that both admission fee and parking are free for the zoo members.

Please log onto the official website for group rates and online membership.

The Toledo Zoo continues to be a number family spot as well as an amazing legacy even after a period of over 100 years.

Contact Details

Toledo Zoo

P.O. Box 140130

Toledo, OH 43614

Main Line: 419-385-5721

Information Line: 419-385-4040

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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium http://ohioblogging.com/2011/06/20/columbus-zoo-and-aquarium/ http://ohioblogging.com/2011/06/20/columbus-zoo-and-aquarium/#comments Mon, 20 Jun 2011 08:43:41 +0000 http://ohioblogging.com/?p=401 Columbus Zoo and Aquarium at Powell in Ohio, was chosen as the best zoo in the whole United States by United States Travel Guide. Credit of the zoo’s great reputation goes to the director Jack Hanna. The zoo houses more than 500 animals, of around 700 species. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium hosts 2.3million footfall a year. The zoo has its own 18-hole golf course inside the campus only.

Columbus Zoo Picture

Picture – 1

Source – www.blogspot.com

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium takes part in lot of wild life conservation programs. In last few years the zoo has raised a fund of $3.3million from different events for the conservation programs.

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium History

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium started its journey in 1905 in Clintonville. Due to some unknown reason it shut down 5months after its inauguration.

Then Columbus Zoo restarted as Columbus Zoological Gardens in 1927 in the city of Columbus. In the year1951 the Columbus city government took control of the zoo. In the year 1970 Zoological Park Association, Inc. was given the ownership of the zoo.

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Direction

To get a detailed direction from north, south, east, and west to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium please log in to the official website of the zoo.

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Exhibits

The exhibit section is classified into various segments. The exhibits are classified into those different segments according to their origin.


columbus zoo & aquarium 1

Picture – 2

Source – www.wapedia.mobi


• North America

Animals that are found in North America like bobcat, moose, etc. are housed in this slot.

• Pachyderms

Black rhino and other animals that are native of the pachyderms region are being housed in this slot.

• Polar Frontier

Animals that are native of the polar land like arctic fox, polar bear, etc. are exhibited in this slot.

• Shores

Yellow spotted river turtle, Jamaica boa, and other animals that are found near the shores are kept in this slot.

• Asian Quest

Animals that are found in the various Asian countries are housed in this slot, like silvery lutung, reeve’s pheasant, tufted deer, etc.

• Island of Southeast Asia

Lar gibbon, galah, and many other animals that are found in the Southeast Asia are housed in this area.

• African Forest

Madrill, bonobo, African grey parrot, and lot of other animals that are native of the African land are housed in this slot.

• Australia

Animals that origin in Australia like tiger quoll, fishing cat, North Island brown kiwi, and many more such, are exhibited in this slot.

Apart from the regular exhibits the most popular attractions of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium amongst the various species of the animal kingdom are


Columbus Zoo and Aquarium houses an amazing collection of birds from round the globe. A grand collection of bald eagles, Caribbean flamingo, trumpeter swan, and Humboldt penguin grace the bird house at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.


columbus zoo & aquarium bird

Picture – 3

Source – www.google.com



Get aw stuck amidst nature’s variety of creation. The fierce and ferocious African lion, American bison, Amur tiger, the huge Asian tiger, black rhino, black bear, black trailed prairie dog, bobcat, grizzly bear, koala, cougar, leopard, Mexican wolf, Malayan sun bear, moose, okapi, North American river otter, Palla’s cat, pronghorn, Timber wolf, red kangaroo, west Indian manatee, wolverine, and western lowland gorilla constitute the mammal section of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.


Panamanian golden frog and poison dart frog enhance the amphibian collection among various other creatures of the amphibian family.


Bonnethead shark, cow nose sting ray, and clownfish adorn the fishery collection among the various other species of the fish family at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.


columbus zoo & aquarium's aquarium

Picture – 4

Source – www.google.com



American alligator, Gila monster, Burmese python, king cobra, timber rattle snake, and Komodo dragon embellish the marvelous collection of reptiles at the Columbus Zoo and Museum.

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Educational Programs

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium authority offer many educational programs for the school kids, and even for family to enlighten people more about the animal kingdom.

General Programs

• Habitat is Home- Grades One and Two
• Amazing Adaptations- Grades Three – Five
• Ecosystem Encounters- Grades Six – Eight
• Zoo Careers- Grades Nine – Twelve

Seasonal Topics

• Arctic Expedition- Multi-ages
• Skulls & Bones- Multi-ages
• Frosty Friends- Multi-ages

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Hours

January – 10am to 4 pm
February – 10am to 4pm
March – 10am to 5pm
April – 9am to 5pm
May – 9am to 5pm
June – 9am to 7pm
July – 9am to 7pm
August – 9am to 7pm
September – 10am to 5pm
October – 10am to 5pm
November 1st to 17th – 10am to 4pm

Starting May 28th Zoo hours are 9am to 7pm

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium is open 9am to 7pm till September 5

November 18th to 30th Wildlights Hours
Sunday to Thursday 5pm to 9pm
Friday and Saturday 5pm to 10pm

November 18th to 30th the zoo operates from 10am to 5pm

Columbus Zoo And aquarium Restaurants


columbus zoo activity pavillion

Picture – 5

Source – www.columbuszoo.org


Grab a quick munch and sip during the tour of the zoo and aquarium at the restaurants and cafes in the zoo.

Entry Village

At the main entrance area lie the following eateries serving delicious delicacies.
• Village Coffee & Deli
• Funnel Cakes
• Plaza Snacks
• Plaza Ice Cream/Homemade Fudge

Zoo West Side

At the western side of the zoo are the following restaurants that treat the guests with yummy dishes on the platter.
• Congo River Market Food Court
• Flamingo Hideaway
• Specialty Carts

Zoo East Side

At the western zone of the zoo there are the following restaurants that leave the visitors licking the lips after eating.
• Lakeside Grill
• Donato’s Pizza at Prairie Outpost
• Polar Frontier Grille
• Specialty Carts

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Rides

Let the kids ride the fun rides that take them for a tour around the zoo.
• Carousel
• North American Train
• Islands of Southeast Asia Boat Rides
• Grange Insurance Stings, Wings N’ Play Things Park
• Polar Playground
• Pony Ride
A whole day ride fare for all ride cost $8 for each person.


columbus zoo & aquarium rides

Picture – 6

Source – www.google.com

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Shops

Zoo Marketplace

Get fabulous gift items, handicrafts, toys, apparels, books, and much more at the Zoo Marketplace.

Jr. Zoo Keeper Gifts & Souvenirs

Grab the customized educational games, gift items, souvenirs, apparels, and many more fun stuff at the Jr. Zoo Keeper Gifts & Souvenirs.

Polar Pete’s Gift Shop

The Polar Pete’s Gift Shop is an out and out gift shop. Grab the best pick and gift the dear one.

Mermaid’s Purse at Manatee Coast

Get the perfect aquatic themed apparels and other merchandise and gift items at the Mermaid’s Purse at Manatee Coast
Village Rentals & Provisions

Electric scooters, wheelchairs, single and double strollers are available on rent for touring the zoo at the Village Rentals & Provisions.

“Zoovenir” Carts

“Zoovenir” Carts is a great place for the best budget gift items. Stop by and grab the deal.

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Tickets

• Entrée for kids under 2 is free
• Entrée for kids aged between 2yrs and 9yrs is $9.00
• Entrée for visitors aged between 10yrs and 59yrs is $14.00
• Entrée for visitors aged above 60yrs is $10.00

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Discount Coupons

In January and February Columbus Zoo And Aquarium offers a discount of 50% on entrance fee.

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Wedding and Other Parties

Make the most special day even more special celebrating it amidst nature and its wild and untamed creation in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The banquette and catering service at the zoo provides the best service one can imagine. The wedding planners and party planners at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium understand value of the moments that are being organized to celebrate in the zoo and customize them according to the taste of each client.

For further details about hiring the banquette for weddings and other parties and get the rent rates please log in to the official website of the zoo.


Spend a perfect day off from the regular hazards of daily life amidst nature in its amazing and gorgeous creation of different species in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Spend a great day, let the kids take a trip of the joyrides, learn more about the animal kingdom through the various educational programs along with practically seeing them in the zoo. Once tired of the entire day’s tour all around the zoo get some refreshment and grab some great food and beverages at the various restaurants all around the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. To get the accurate directions to the zoo from the nearest landmark of starting the drive, or free days, or adoption policies of the animals, or membership at the zoo, or further details of the animals that are housed in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, or the foods that are available in the restaurants at the zoo, or the shops and their collection of commodities at the zoo, please log into the official website of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Contacts

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, 4850 West Powell Road, Powell, Ohio 43065
P.O. Box 400

Toll free
800 – monkeys (666-5397)




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Port Columbus International Airport, Ohio http://ohioblogging.com/2011/02/21/port-columbus-international-airport-ohio/ http://ohioblogging.com/2011/02/21/port-columbus-international-airport-ohio/#comments Mon, 21 Feb 2011 15:33:52 +0000 http://ohioblogging.com/?p=335 Port Columbus International Airport tagged with the code CMH is the major and largest commercial airport serving the central Ohio. The airport is in Columbus, Ohio, and is one of the Class C international airports of US. Located at 10km east from downtown Columbus, the airport is administered by Columbus Regional International Airport Authority. Port Columbus International Airport supports 115 passenger flights without a halt to 34 destinations through 15 airline services. It is the second busiest international airport of Ohio.

Port Columbus International Airport holds up a brilliant collection of art and arty-crafts. There are art works by the community people, children, and even noted artists, also a photographic collection. The most well known one is the sculpture named Brushstrokes in Flight by Roy Lichtenstein. It is laced at the front of Concourse B, security point.

The airport has 2 runways, Runway 10R and Runway 10L. A total area of 2185acres of land is wrapped within the barriers of the airport.

Direction To Port Columbus International Airport

Port Columbus International Airport could be reached via both of the interstate highways of I-270 to north-eastern side, and I-670 to the western side. Highway I-670 is connected to the International Gateway which is the roadway leading to the airport.

History Of Port Columbus International Airport

Port Columbus International Airport started operating in the year 1929, July. Charles Lindbergh had originally chosen the site for air terminus for eastern of Transcontinental Air Transport from New York to Los Angeles. The original old terminal building is still being used and the old terminal was renovated and is given out on rent for office purpose, and the hangars are used by the airport till date.

Port Columbus was operating 14 flights a day y 1939. Of those flights, 10 were operated by Transcontinental and Western Airlines, and the rest of them were of American Airlines.

In 1979 on the airport’s 50th anniversary the airport was renovated with a sum of $70 million. After 10years from that in 1989, the second 7-gate concourse was installed spending $15.5 million, which only allowed US Airways, and then was the center for America West Airlines till 2003 and Skybus Airlines till 2008 when they closed all operations. In 1995 the third concourse which is Concourse C was added.

Since then till 2004 many renovations and extensions involving multimillions of dollars have been done to Port Columbus International Airport.

Terminals At Port Columbus International Airport

Port Columbus International Airport is endowed with three terminals with 44 gates. Concourse A is accessed by gates A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, and A7. Concourse B is accessed by gates B15 A–B18B, B19-B30A, B30B, B31-34A, B35B, B35, B36. Concourse C is accessed by gates C46-C53A,C53B, C54-C56.

Parking At Port Columbus International Airport

Green, Blue & Red Shuttle :  The green long term shuttle charges for parking are $2 for 1st hour, $1 for every additional hour, and $4 each day for 24 hours.

The red long term shuttle charges for parking are $2 for the first hour, $1 for every additional hour, and $6 each day for 24 hours.

The blue long term shuttle charges for parking are different for covered and uncovered. These shuttle services are available to and from the passengers’ transports. The charges for the uncovered are $2 for the first hour, $1 for every additional hour, and $7 each day for 24 hours. The charges for uncovered are: $3 for the first hour, $1 for every additional hour, and $9 for each day for 24 hours.

Short & Long Term : The long term parking is allotted at levels 3, 4, 5, and 6. The charges are $3 for the first hour, $2 for every additional hour, and $17 each day for 24 hours.

Short term parking is allotted adjacent to levels 4 and 5. The charges are $3 for the first hour, $2 for every additional hour, and $27 each day for 24 hours.

Valet Parking : The airport’s parking staffs take care of the parking. The charges are $20 a day.

Cell Phone Parking : This is a waiting free parking space for the vehicles just to pick up or drop somebody for a short while.

Bicycle Parking : There are no charges for parking bicycles.

EZ Parking Program : This program facilitates frequent passengers with a key which has an automated vehicle identification device stuck to the windshield. It is electronically linked to the clients’ credit card number. This enables the client access any airport which has that particular garage service prop and a regular bill copy is being mailed to the client and the amount is being debited to his/her account. For further information on this service please log into the official website of the airport.

Executive Parking Program :  This parking program is also planned with the automated vehicle identification skill. For further information on this please log in to the official website of the airport.

Restaurants At Port Columbus International Airport

No need to worry if the flight is being delayed or catching flight without proper stomach care. There are plenty of restaurants and snack bars with some fresh coffee cafés and pubs.

At the pre-security area Charley’s Grilled Subs, Cup O’Joe, Famous Famiglia, Great American Bagel Bakery Co., Max & Erma’s Restaurant, MoJoe Lounge, and Wendy’s are the names one will find to relax and fill themselves up near at the pre-security area at Port Columbus International Airport.

At the Concourse A, there are plenty of eateries serving yummy stuff on the platter like Chili’s Too, Starbucks, and Wolfgang Puck.

At Concourse B one would find very familiar names like Ciao Gourmet Market, Columbus Brewing Co., Quiznos, Starbucks, and Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express.

At Concourse C Arrivederic, Jony Rocket’s, and Starbucks are at the service.

Shops At Port Columbus International Airport

Get all what the heart wishes and the list needs. The well equipped shops and gift centers at the airport comes with a varied range of all one could need and think of.

Pre-security area is over flown with shops and gift centers to shop from and even get some business work done like Xerox, send mails, or even exchange currencies. Bath & Body Works, Big Ten, Conference Shop, Borad & High, Brook Brothers, Business centre, Checkpoint Mailers, Chocolate Octopus, Dr. Shine, Heritage Booksellers, PGA Tour Shop, and SmarteCarte is all at the door step of the airport.

At Concourse A, there is only CNBC News Store and not much option is available.

At Concourse B get pampered at the Massage Bar & Chairs, or go shopping at Paradise News & Gift Shops, and Travel Mart.

At Concourse C also there is Massage Bar & Chairs. Other shops include Buckeye Hall of Fame, CNC News Store, and Paradise News & Gift Shop.

Contact Details

Address: Port Columbus International Airport, 4600 International Gateway, Columbus, Ohio 43219

Phone: (614) 239-4000

Website: www.flycolumbus.com

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Harbor North Ohio http://ohioblogging.com/2008/09/23/harbor-north-ohio/ http://ohioblogging.com/2008/09/23/harbor-north-ohio/#comments Tue, 23 Sep 2008 23:16:31 +0000 http://ohioblogging.com/?p=198
Harbor North

Harbor North

Harbor North began its journey in 1972. It is located at Battery Park Marina in Sandusky Ohio. They started the business as a broker of used boats. Gradually it turned into a store, sailing school, charter program and new boat sales and service place. It is a all in one place for anything related to sailing.

Harbor North attracts people from all over the country. People come here to meet friends, enjoy a vacation or a weekend, enjoy boating on Lake Erie and leave all the stress behind them. Groups of people sail away to Pelee Island in Canada or to Cleveland. People who are seeking real adventure sail off to Caribbean Islands.

At Harbor North you will find different types of new and used boats. Most common types are Hunter, Hanse and Sunfish sailing boats.

Harbor North is Ohio’s biggest and probably the oldest sailing school. If you are a beginner, want to learn the basics, no one can teach you better than the experts here. Or if you just want a refresher, you can take any of the advanced courses.

They have a huge storage facility. There are over hundred floating ships, all with water and electricity. Lots of parking. Restrooms and shower facility available. Up to thirty thousand pound haul out capability. They have winter storage facility as well.

Contact Information
400 Huron Street
PO Box 504
Huron, OH 44839

For more information visit- http://www.harbornorth.com/default.aspx

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Hocking Hills Ohio http://ohioblogging.com/2008/09/21/hocking-hills-ohio/ http://ohioblogging.com/2008/09/21/hocking-hills-ohio/#comments Sun, 21 Sep 2008 23:20:50 +0000 http://ohioblogging.com/?p=194
Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills attract many visitors each year by its spectacular beauty. The appearance changes with season but the beauty never fades. Whether you like hiking, biking, backpacking, bird watching or just want to capture some beautiful sights in the frame, this is the place to visit.

Hiking at the Hocking Hills State Park is now better than ever. There are six unique trails. Some of the trails are stroller accessible. They are all unique and beautiful. You can go for hiking in the winter as well. All the trails, walkways and bridges have improved a lot in the recent years. Hocking Hills State Park has the tallest tree of Ohio. The biggest cave of the state is also here.

You have twenty three miles of backpacking opportunity in the Zaleski State Forest. This place is

open to visitors as early as six in the morning and closes at eleven at night. You can take a horseback ride, that is only allowed through the forest roads.

If you are into photography or trying to sharpen your skills, you are in for a big treat. You can capture the beautiful waterfalls with rocky edges or the wildlife of the forest. You will find deer, wild turkey and sometimes black bear to take some rare shots.

Contact Information
Hocking Hills State Park
19852 State Rt 664 S
Logan, OH 43138-9537
Phone- (740)385-6841

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Cleveland Museum of Natural History http://ohioblogging.com/2008/09/17/cleveland-museum-of-natural-history/ http://ohioblogging.com/2008/09/17/cleveland-museum-of-natural-history/#comments Wed, 17 Sep 2008 16:36:45 +0000 http://ohioblogging.com/?p=186 Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

If you want to meet the three million year old human ancestor, called Lucy or hundred and fifty million years old four legged dinosaur type animal species, you have to visit Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Back in 1830 this museum started in a small wooden building. The museum has come a long way and it is considered to be one of the finest natural history museum in US.

With a nice blend of astrology and geology, they have created an environment where you can get a feeling of how the solar system works, the earthquake and the feel of volcanic rocks. These are

all done in an interactive environment.

Another gallery have a collection of numerous precious stones and gems. See those bright and shiny diamonds and rubies. Learn about the raw minerals and how these precious stones are made out of them.

You will know about the earth hundreds of millions years ago. See who used to live on this planet, walk through the forests that created coal and other important resources that we cannot live without.

There is lot more to see and learn. This is truly and exciting experience.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History
1 Wade Oval Drive
Cleveland, OH 44106
Phone- (216)231-4600

Hours of operation-
Monday – Saturday- 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday- 10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Sunday- 12:00 PM-5:00 PM

Adults-$9 (19 years and older; $5 after 5pm Wednesday)
Youths- $7 (age 7-18)
College students with id- $7
Seniors- $7 (60+)
Accessibility (wheelchair) – $6
Children- $6 (age 3-6)

For more information visit here

Revising essays and term papers could mean the difference between a good grade and a bad one. Although it can be very time consuming it is vital in playing the part in the creation of a great essay/term paper. Giving extra thought to the whole document is a good idea.

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Jack Hannah Fest http://ohioblogging.com/2008/09/12/jack-hannah-fest/ http://ohioblogging.com/2008/09/12/jack-hannah-fest/#comments Fri, 12 Sep 2008 14:18:01 +0000 http://ohioblogging.com/?p=177
Jack Hanna Fest

Jack Hanna Fest

If you are looking to have some fun experience with the entire family, look no more. Jack Hanna’s Fall Fest is bringing you just that. In this harvesting season join Jack Hannah and all his animal friends in the festival f harvesting season. It is an event for everyone in the family. There will be something to enjoy for everyone.

Have you ever seen how basket is made from different fibrous and pliable materials? They make it from anything that will bend and form a shape. The commonly used materials are pine straw, hide, grasses, animal hair, wood and thread. People do it as a profession or as a hobby. Who knows, after watching some basket weaving and pumpkin carving you might want o pick up these fascinating arts as a hobby.

There will be many events to entertain the kids. All your favourite seasonal treatments will be there as well. There will a special appearance by Jack Hanna on September 13 and 14. Also Dora the explorer will visit on September 20 and 21. If you want to be apart of a contest, September 20 and 21 there will be a Flapjack Flipping contest you can participate in. The Hastily Assembled Blue Grass and many others will provide entertainment for you and your family.

Event- Jack Hanna’s Fall Fest
Date- September 20 2008- September 21 2008
Time-9 AM-5 PM
Ticket- Regular zoo admission rates apply. Free for Columbus zoo and Aquarium members.

Contact Information-

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
9990 Riverside Dr.
Powell, Oh 43065
Phone- (614)645-3550
Toll Free- (800)-MONKEYS
Fax- (614)645-3465

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