Good Places to Gamble in Ohio

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When you think of Ohio you might think of them more as the great potato state than anything else. However in recent times they have changed around their laws on gambling so that casinos can open in the state. It wasn’t until last year that these casinos started to open but they have proven to be a success as big as some online casinos like for both the locals and tourists alike. Read more »

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Scioto Country Club, Columbus

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The lush green fields and serene ambiance of the Scioto Country Club make it a perfect place to spend a peaceful holiday, both with family and alone. The country club in Upper Arlington in Columbia, Ohio features a world class golf course, tennis courts and swimming pools. Many international golf tournaments have been held at this place. The 18-hole and 71 par golf course features 4 separate tee sets.

This private country club has several well maintained tennis courts where guests can try their hand at this wonderful game. The fitness facility at the club offers all the modern equipments to the members who like to work out and stay in shape. Read more »

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Greater Columbus Convention Center

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Greater Columbus Convention Center is a unique facility based in downtown Columbus, offering thousand square ft of area for hosting expositions, meetings and host of eclectic events. The building is a mark of excellent architectural workmanship, designed by Peter Eisenman, an eminent architect. All the meeting rooms and halls have been endowed with modern furnishing, cutting edge technology and superior interior designing to please the senses of the visitors.

Greater Columbus Convention Center Picture Picture 1 - Greater Columbus Convention Center Read more »

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Ohio Craft Museum

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Ohio Craft Museum is the initiative of the nonprofit organization called the Ohio Designer Craftsmen to promote art and craft items created by artisans from different places. The museum hosts five exhibitions every year to bring these craftsmen and their work into the limelight for the sake of art and aesthetics.

Hands-on training through workshops and educational programs are provided by the museum. The museum has been instrumental in organizing several events and educational programs for visitors till date.

Ohio Craft Museum Picture Picture 1 - Ohio Craft Museum Read more »

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Columbus Museum of Art

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Columbus museum of art is an experience of great art for everyone. The museum presents art exhibitions, organizes art making activity and reflects its belief that art has its own unspoken language and it does communicate to each and every one of us in various different ways. Columbus museum of art projects that art is a means through which a person communicates to its inner self and also to the outside world. Read more »

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Toledo Zoo – Location, Exhibits, History and Events

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The Toledo Zoo situated in Toledo, Ohio is undoubtedly a great zoo and a perfect family destination. This zoo is home to more than 9000 animals of almost 800 different species.

It attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each year. Toledo Zoo is famous for its joyous events and fascinating exhibits that will make you relive the Arctic tundra and the African wilderness.

This zoo has taken part in more than 30 Species Survival Plans to save and protect endangered species. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) as well as World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has accredited the Toledo Zoo.

The Toledo Zoo is an ideal getaway for your family to unwind, allowing nature and wilderness to cast a joyful and memorable impression.

Toledo Zoo Picture

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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium at Powell in Ohio, was chosen as the best zoo in the whole United States by United States Travel Guide. Credit of the zoo’s great reputation goes to the director Jack Hanna. The zoo houses more than 500 animals, of around 700 species. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium hosts 2.3million footfall a year. The zoo has its own 18-hole golf course inside the campus only.

Columbus Zoo Picture

Picture – 1

Source –

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium takes part in lot of wild life conservation programs. In last few years the zoo has raised a fund of $3.3million from different events for the conservation programs.

Columbus Zoo And Aquarium History

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium started its journey in 1905 in Clintonville. Due to some unknown reason it shut down 5months after its inauguration.

Then Columbus Zoo restarted as Columbus Zoological Gardens in 1927 in the city of Columbus. In the year1951 the Columbus city government took control of the zoo. In the year 1970 Zoological Park Association, Inc. was given the ownership of the zoo.

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Dayton Art Institue – Introduction, History, Museum, Educational Program, Ticket Prices and Contacts

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Dayton Art Institute, also commonly referred to as DAI, in Dayton, Ohio, is chosen as one of the 10 best museums of art for children in America. The Dayton Art Institute holds a treasure of permanent art collection along with some globally renowned art works. Allegory of the Four Seasons by Bartolomeo Manfredi, After The Bath by Edgar Degas, The Song Of The Nightingale by William Adoolphe Bouguereau, High Noon by Edward Hopper, are some amongst the many notable works of Dayton Art Institute Museum exhibit.

Dayton Art Institute in Dayton Picture

The Dayton Art Institute organizes extremely erudite and informative educational programs on art. Dayton institute of art is also known for the special events it holds.

Dayton Art Institute History

Dayton Art Institute was found in the year 1919 as Dayton Institute of Fine Arts. The art institute started in a mansion in downtown Dayton, later in the year 1930 shifted to a grand building designed by Edward B. Green. The architecture of the Dayton Art Institute is inspired by the Casino at the garden in Villa Farnese at Caprarola in Italy.

The museum was renamed to Dayton Art Institute keeping in mind the growing popularity and importance of the art school wing of the institute. The museum is enlisted with the National Register of Historical Places.

For further information about the history of Dayton Art Institute please log into the official website of the institute.

For more information on the Dayton Art Institute Museum please log into the official website of the institute.

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Cleveland Thaygaraja Aradhana 2011 – Festival Schedule, Ticket Price and Contact Details

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Cleveland Thaygaraja Aradhana 2011

Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana is celebrating its 34th anniversary this April–May 2011. The largest Indian music festival outside India is hosted at Cleveland in Ohio, U.S. Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhna or the Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival is the one classical musical festival that is awaited not only by N.R.I. in U.S. but by Americans as well. Thyagaraja Aradhana holds the true flavor of authentic classical Indian music reaching the essence to the world outside. The event takes place at Music Building of Cleveland State University, every year.

Cleveland Thaygaraja Aradhana 2011 Image

Thyagaraja Aradhana has been enriching and quenching the cultural thirst since 1978. The love and appreciation of all has raised the festival to an 11-day long cultural event. Starting this 21st April the event will go on till 1st May 2011. This year the event is dedicated to the memories of Vazhuvoor Sri B. Ramaiah Pillai in the honor of his centenary year celebration.

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NASA Glenn Research Centre – Directions, Education, Facilities and Contact Details

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The NASA Glenn Research Centre is an edifice of scientific and technological excellence situated near Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. This NASA centre is surrounded by major landmarks like Brook Park, Cleveland and Fairview Park, Ohio.

It reveals a whole new dimension of science and its diversifications. The Glenn centre serves as a national resource where extraordinary skills and abilities of aspiring individuals are blended, recognized and applied. NASA Glenn centre is also globally recognized as a leader in aeronautics and aerospace.

Ramon Lugo III is the honored Director of this great institutional centre. Righteously ranked among ten of NASA’s major field centers, NASA Glenn Research Centre brings pride to the United States.


NASA Glenn Research Centre Ohio can be reached via I- 71, Exit 10, route 237 north, route 237 south and Exit 9A. It is accessible from downtown Cleveland, westbound Ohio turnpike, eastbound Ohio turnpike and Hopkins International Airport.

A complete map with directions can be viewed on the official website.



The Nasa Glenn Research Centre was originally founded in the year 1941 as a part of National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). Subsequently the installation merged with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and functioned as a laboratory for aircraft engine research.

Initially known as the Laboratory for Aircraft Engine Research it was renamed as the Flight Propulsion Research Laboratory in 1947. Finally in 1999 it was formally renamed NASA John H. Glenn Research Centre in memory of the country’s legendary John Glenn who embarked as the first American to orbit the earth.

NASA Glenn Research centre is significant of being the first laboratory to use liquid hydrogen for rocket and aircraft propulsion, assisting the United States in its maiden voyage to the moon.

Over the past sixty years of its existence scientists and researchers of the Glenn centre have made outstanding achievements in aeronautics, thereby paving the magical path of space exploration and beyond.


NASA Glenn Research Centre Ohio proudly acknowledges of having 24 major facilities and more than 500 research and test facilities.

Plum Brooks Station located near Sandusky Ohio is another major division of NASA Glenn Centre. This rambling 6400 acre field station is home to state of the art facilities in space technology and rocket science. It stands out as the sole field station in the entire world capable of testing high launch vehicles and rocket engines under artificial high altitude conditions.

NASA Glenn Research Centre houses Zero Gravity Research Facility for carrying microgravity experiments to identify the nature of liquids, gases and components under such an environment.

This centre also has Rocket Engine Test facility, Supersonic Wind tunnel,  Spacecraft Propulsion Research Facility, Second Drop Tower, Engine research building, Icing Tunnel etc among other facilities.


NASA Glenn Research Centre is an epitome of scientific institution providing nationwide internships to millions of aspiring students. It hosts the LERCIP (Lewis’ Educational and Research Collaborative Internship Program) open to school students, college students and high school teachers.

Students nationwide can roll in for college LERCIP. However it is mandatory to be a resident of Cleveland in order to appear for high school LERCIP. For more information on NASA Glenn Research Centre internships you can log into the official website.


On the first Saturday of every month, the NASA Glenn Centre allows public tours of its various research facilities. Please remember that reservations have to be made in advance.

More information on the tours is available on the official website.


After the year ending 2009, Visitors Centre was permanently shifted to the Great Lakes Science Centre and became what is known today as NASA Glenn Visitor Centre. The widespread popularity of this centre is evident by the scores of visitors it attracts annually.

The NASA Glenn Visitor Centre serves as an excellent forum for dissemination of valuable knowledge and education. It has six magnificent galleries. There are interactive displays on NASA, space exploration and the solar system as a whole. Visitors also get an opportunity to learn about the life and history of famous astronauts.

Admission is free with the condition that adult visitors have to produce photo identification as a US citizen.


The NASA Glenn Research Centre is an amazing platform hosting innumerable events. You can catch up with NASA Glenn’s latest news and upcoming events on the official website.


It is well coordinated. It has many restaurants and hotels nearby(within two kilometers)

The location of NASA Glenn Research Centre is well coordinated and has world class hotels and restaurants nearby. Some of the hotels have been mentioned below

  • Ramada Cleveland Airport West
  • Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel
  • Hilton garden Inn Cleveland Airport
  • Camelot Inn
  • Holiday Inn Express Cleveland Airport
  • Howard Johnson Cleveland Airport
  • Best Western Airport Inn and Suites
  • Studio Plus Cleveland

For information on these hotels you can log on to the official website.

The NASA Glenn Research Centre in Cleveland, Ohio stands as a manifestation of the power of the human mind. It conquered the impossible by enabling man to step on the moon and sending rovers to distant planet like Mars. This centre continues to work towards accomplishing NASA’s mission of space exploration.


NASA Glenn Research Center
21000 Brookpark Road
Cleveland, OH 44135
Phone: (216) 433-400

Plum Brook Station
6100 Columbus Avenue
Sandusky, OH 44870
Phone: (419) 625-1123

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